About T.I.P.

General Information


On February 8, 1962, a group of educators headed by Engineer Demetrio A. Quirino Jr. and Dr. Teresita U. Quirino established the TECHNOLOGICAL INSTITUTE OF THE PHILIPPINES as a private non-sectarian stock school.

T.I.P. laid down its objectives based on the vision of its founders: 1) to maintain a high standard of instruction; 2) to bring within the reach of the masses the blessings of higher education; and 3) to cooperate with the government in the implementation of its economic and social amelioration programs.

About the Logo

A fusion of technology and traditional education. The willingness to evolve in the face of new challenges, while maintaining the same passion and steadfastness that build an institution. An institution that imbues its students with Filipino values, industry and global citizen values. An institution that transforms students into graduates who will contribute to the general welfare of society.

Quality Policy


In pursuit of such a commitment, T.I.P. shall:

  1. Educate and mold men and women who are
    • problem solvers, innovators and lifelong learners and
    • assets to the country and to the world
  2. Provide students with quality instruction and administrative services that would exceed their expectations and that of other interested parties by always keeping in mind that the satisfaction of their needs and expectations come first.
  3. Endeavor to be the best technological school by committing itself to continuous improvement.
  4. Practice a proactive leadership that:
    • forms decisions on the basis of facts, including the attendant risks and opportunities
    • ensures compliance to statutory and regulatory requirements
    • manages by constantly reviewing and improving work procedures and processes, the physical plants, alliances and partnerships to improve the overall system of operations
  5. Create a culture where every employee accepts responsibility for quality.
Core Values

Cleanliness in Mind, Body and Surroundings

Cleanliness as a way of life. A wholesome attitude, a healthy body in clean surroundings as the only way for real learning and working to take place.

Community Spirit

A strong sense of community, a willingness to cooperate in planning and realizing goals for the common good.

Service Orientedness

A culture of altruism in the context of an educational institution where work is towards helping others with little regard for self-interest. Teachers impart knowledge and give of themselves unselfishly. Employees and administrators serve with the knowledge that service to others is their reason for being, and the school, as a community, gives back to society.

Commitment to Extend Scholarship Grants

The allocation of the resources of the school to allow poor but deserving students access to quality education through scholarships and grants. This is a commitment of the school's founder to the Filipino youth, a commitment that will always be supported by T.I.P.

Core Competencies

Continuing Improvement Towards Total Quality

A relentless drive towards the improvement of work process in order to achieve quality in all aspects of operations with the objective of delivering quality service to the School's constituents.

Innovativeness In Physical Laboratories and Shops

The ability to innovate in order to improve facilities, laboratories and shops; creative solutions in order to provide and design facilities that are up-to-date and highly conducive to teaching, learning and working.

Creative Management

The ability to innovate so that financial and human resources are conserved and hamessed to the fullest to ensure viability and continued delivery of quality instruction and quality administrative services.